Saturday, March 30, 2013


...What is the Reason for the Season?!?!

What is Good Friday? I pondered upon watching a video a friend sent me titled, "Sunday is Comin".  I enjoyed it to say the least, but somehow the content of it set me on a spiral of thoughts and only after awhile did my mind linger in this thought… our Victory, for those of us who believe in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus came when Christ died on the Cross.   I was amazed at this revelation so I meditated on it awhile, and was grateful to the Holy Spirit for opening my understanding to this truth.   

You see, when you and I believed or believe ...(that is if you have ever taken the time to consider what Christ did and actually responded by surrendering your life to this truth through faith in Him, the person of Christ whose death we commemorate this weekend)... I am persuaded that in that moment you and I choose to crucify 'self' in that we surrender our being fully to Him in faith and choose to die to the desires of this world.   In that we awake to our true purpose—that is Worship to the only True and Living God, Yahweh.   The Holy Spirit reminded me that just as Christ came on this earth and lived out His life for this very cause, you and I’s true living begins when we lay hold of this truth, and therefore everything else preceding this moment only serves to open our spiritual eyes to the unfathomable love and grace of God.   It was not until Jesus crucifixion, burial and resurrection that many in those days came to comprehend that indeed He was God yet man according to many prophecies and His own Word to them.   Today, you and I have the Bible that points us to the Cross, and even offers precedent in some of the challenges we each face that should ultimately lead us to a moment of death and resurrection, dying to sin and being alive in Christ.  Apostle Paul talks much on this, he said, that these things were written for our examples (paraphrased).   

It is evident without Jesus' death there would never been resurrection.  Just as there would be no 'Victorious Me' without Faith in Christ on that day-10 years ago this March!  Oh how I praise the Lord for His awesome grace!  However, until Jesus comes back again and He is coming soon, I must choose to die daily in my weakness, surrendering my desire to Him if I expect to walk in victory on this earth, and when I do so, I arise from whatever pain, trial, challenge to another level in faith.  The scripture calls it 'from glory to glory, from strength to strength', notice the continuum?!! because challenges and trial are prevalent in this life and so is victory by the way.  For me therefore, this Easter I would say I've awakened to a new meaning of why I exist, a new perspective to faith and stirred my spirit to rejoice in my first Love again—He who loved me before I loved Him.  My prayer is that I would live conscious of this moment by moment surrendering my shortcomings, worries and failures to Him that I may be renewed in His strength thereby living in His inheritance of joy and much more regardless of present circumstances.  After all, Jesus overcome, and He promised we too shall overcome!  I would love to hear what this Easter season means to you.  

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